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English speaking Theatre Courses

For everyone who loves theatre, acting and improv

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UPDATE! New Acting & Impov Courses from January 2020!

Act Attack is a new English speaking acting and improv group in Amsterdam that is focusing on 3 basic principles

Learn to act & express yourself

Firstly, our courses help you with personal development and growth, as acting improves your communication skills, raises your mind & body confidence, and unlocks your imagination. In addition, the course helps you overcome stage fright and fear of expressing yourself in public

Acting courses

Learn to InterAct with others

Secondly, during our classes and performances, you’ll learn to connect and communicate better, both in your personal and professional life. Furthermore, you will have the chance to work in a group to improve your improvisation and presentation skills. Consequently, you can be more spontaneous, proactive and interactive.

Acting courses

Have fun & make new friends

Finally, you will make new friends! Our students are from all walks of life, and excited to share their experiences and passion for improv and theatre on- and off-stage! As a result, you will laugh & get a boost of energy with our acting games & you can even join our social meetups – we often go together for drinks, activities or watch theatre & comedy shows.

We are not an everyday Theatre school

We offer fun acting courses for everyone who wants to learn how to act, improvise, communicate better and InterAct!

You need not be a professional actor, all you need is a passion for theatre. Our focus, in particular, is to give a special experience to everybody who is willing to grow through theatre. Therefore, we do not do castings; everybody is welcome!

Do you have a business? Then, contact us and we can create tailored improv team building classes that fit your style and needs!

Practical information about the courses

Team Building Workshops

What do we offer?

Acting, Improv, Physical, Voice, Musical & Dancing courses in Amsterdam, which include stage acting exercises and improvisation games blended together in preparation of an end-of-term performances. Additionally, we offer courses without a performance at the end.

All the acting classes are taught by experienced theatre teachers/directors.

Moreover, for our weekly rehearsals, we rent comfortable studios in central Amsterdam and Amsterdam West. For our performances, we rent big and inspiring theatre spaces. Thus, we make sure our students get access to a big stage to play, with audience capacities of up to 100 friends and family members.

Acting courses duration

Time & Duration of the Courses

All our acting courses start in January, May and September. Each course lasts 10 weeks and takes place once a week, 19.00-21.00 or 19:00-20:30, depending on which course you choose.

We believe in longer term courses, as they give you enough time to grow and learn together with your fellow co-actors.

For more details, click JOIN. We offer 1 trial class. In the meantime, if you would like to join, we will send you all the payment details for the full course!

Acting Courses Costs

Costs & Requirements

Intermediates Course 23 hours + Show: 235 EUR per person all inclusive (depending on the course & the offer)
Beginners Course 15 hours: 195 EUR per person all inclusive (depending on the course & the offer)
Trial Class: 15 EUR

For more details about the courses, click here.

Discounts available for Early birds & BYF (Bring Your Friend). Cancellations/refunds are not possible.

Our courses require commitment from all our members, as we focus on team work, bonding and interaction as means for success. To that end, we encourage you to attend classes on the same day of every week, for the whole duration of the course. Also, we recommend that you attend at least 80% of the time. As a result, this will offer both you and the teachers enough time to hone your skills and to achieve the best result.

Lastly, there is no casting or preparation required. Just come with a big smile on your face!

Do you have any further questions?

Please do not hesitate to send us a line and we will contact you asap.


What people say about Act Attack

  • “Joining Act Attack was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed the classes and met great people along the way!”
  • “Loved to be a part of Act Attack! Learned a lot about theatre and acting itself. Teacher (Joana) was great as she guided us through the process of acting as a way of communicating with the audience. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn and develop performing skills.”
  • “The idea of Act attack in combination with a talented young director Joana is exactly what Amsterdam has been missing - long term acting and impro workshops for affordable price where you have enough time to immerse yourself in the magic world of acting and open a new horizon of what you can actually create, feel, act.”
  • “Act Attack is a young theatre, that is available for everyone. If you have never had such experience or you have been always dreaming to try a new role, Act Attack is a good and quick start. Joana is a great director, who devotes her energy to help people to open themselves. I find this place valuable for me because of socialisation with like-minded people and skills that I learn there. Success!”

Acting & Improv Courses in Amsterdam