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Improv and Acting Courses in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague & Berlin

English-speaking improv and acting courses
for everyone who loves theater

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Act Attack is a new English-speaking theater school based in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague & Berlin that focuses on 3 basic principles

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Learn to express yourself in public

Our improv and acting courses boost personal development and growth. We use fun exercises that improve communication skills, body confidence, and creativity. In this way, theater will you help overcome stage fright and fear of expressing yourself in public.

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Learn to InterAct with others

During our improv and acting courses, you will learn how to connect and communicate better with others. While immersing yourself in diverse scenes, you will boost your emphatic skills and ability to operate in a group. This will help you improve both your personal and professional relationships.

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Have fun & make new friends

Our teachers take a playful approach to acting classes. You will laugh and get a boost of energy. And YES, you will also make new friends! Our students are from all walks of life, and like sharing their experiences and passion for theater on -and off-stage! We like hanging-out for drinks, activities, retreats, theater and comedy shows.

Who we are…

We are an international theater community that offers fun improv and acting courses. Mainly, we see theater as a tool for personal development. Therefore, we aren’t a common theatre school. Our improv and acting courses strive to deliver a learning experience to all those who wish to grow through theater. You don’t need previous experience. And we don’t do castings. We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to act, improvise, communicate better and be more creative!

Do you have a business in Amsterdam and team building is underway? Then, contact us. We can develop tailor-made improv and acting classes that suit your needs!


We offer diverse theater-based courses for beginners & intermediates to choose from: Acting – Improv – Physical theater – Voice – Musical – Dance Improvisation courses in Amsterdam, Utrecht & The Hagueand from now on also in Berlin, Athens, Barcelona, Madrid & Lisbon! All our courses include a mix of exercises, games & techniques.  Some include also the preparation of graduation performances. Furthermore, we offer business workshops, acting courses for children and fun theater retreats.

All our courses are taught in English by experienced teachers/directors.


Each course lasts 6 to 8 weeks (in-class) or 5 weeks (online) and takes place one weekday per week, 19.00-20:30/21:00, depending on the course you choose. We always schedule our courses in spacious studios in the city center, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. After a beginners course, the students can continue to an intermediate level with a graduation show. We believe in longer-term theater courses, as they give you enough time to grow and learn together with your fellow co-actors.

You can also take trial classes of one or more improv and acting courses and choose the best for you. If you like the trial class, you can sign up for the full course depending on the availability. For more details about our schedule click on the Courses button on the menu and to sign up click JOIN.

Do you have any further questions?

Drop us a line and we will contact you asap.


What people say about Act Attack

  • “Joining Act Attack was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed the classes and met great people along the way!”
  • “Loved to be a part of Act Attack! Learned a lot about theater and acting itself. Teacher (Joana) was great as she guided us through the process of acting as a way of communicating with the audience. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn and develop performing skills.”
  • “The idea of Act attack in combination with a talented young director Joana is exactly what Amsterdam has been missing - long term acting and impro workshops for affordable price where you have enough time to immerse yourself in the magic world of acting and open a new horizon of what you can actually create, feel, act.”
  • “Act Attack is a young theater, that is available for everyone. If you have never had such experience or you have been always dreaming to try a new role, Act Attack is a good and quick start. Joana is a great director, who devotes her energy to help people to open themselves. I find this place valuable for me because of socialization with like-minded people and skills that I learn there. Success!”