Hi, We’re Act Attack

A new English speaking Theatre Group in Amsterdam!

Learn to Act & Express yourself | Learn to InterAct with others | Have Fun

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Act Attack is a new English speaking Theatre School in Amsterdam

It all started in summer 2017, when “the shy actor” had the idea of gathering like-minded people for sharing his love & devotion for Theatre. Now, we are already a nice international theatre community of many talented amateur actors and experienced teachers who are all inspiring, passionate & working as a team! And we are still growing..


Our previous plays

What makes us different?

Act Attack is a Theatre company, established on September 2018.

Our 1st priority is not to be a profitable company, but to help everyone become a better person via theatre. We are family & team oriented! With Act Attack you can participate in a long-term, happy & dynamic multicultural group. During the courses, you can be a part of a real team with friendly and cool people, with whom you will share the same passion on & off the stage! More than that:

  • Improve your Expression & Improvisation skills (we love Improv!)
  • Develop your Theater Acting skills
  • Raise your Confidence & your Public Speaking skills
  • Learn to deeply Connect & InterAct with others
  • Practice your English language skills
  • International Environment
  • Low prices & no hidden costs
  • We accept people of all ages, all colors & all experience levels
  • Part of the revenues are used for good causes

Are you convinced?

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