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Hi, my name is George

I was an actor and this is my story (and it could be yours too…)

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2004 – Actor in the Making

After a long day at the university, I went out for drinks with a few good friends. One of them, Yorgos (very amusing guy!) started talking about one of his hobbies, theater. Instantly, I remembered of my uncle, who was a professional actor in the 70s. I always admired of how confident he was on stage. “I take part in a very nice and cool amateur theater group”, Yorgos said. “So we’re in this team and we do theater performances every year. Everyone is really friendly and we’ve bonded a lot. It’s fun! Why don’t you join us?”. Being introverted and shy, the idea of socializing with strangers sounded like a nightmare for me. “It’s all about practice and you’ll see, the feeling is amazing. You’ll learn a lot and meet many interesting people!”, he said. “Ok, I’ll give it a go!”, I replied.

The rehearsals of the play started and I was pretty anxious about it! It was “Romeo & Juliet”. They offered me the role of the priest. It was a small role, but it was my first role ever and I was so excited! Then, something magical happened. Right on the moment I got on stage for the first time all my stress, my shyness, my negative thoughts, transformed into energy & eagerness.

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2014 – Years Full of Memories

I could never imagine I would be an actor, but there I was, exactly 10 years after my first play. We did more than 200 theater performances all over Greece with an amazing multicultural team. Almost the same team as we started. We stayed together, worked together, traveled together, laughed together, cried together. Theater and acting has become our favorite hobby and best friend! I was so dedicated to my passion, I couldn’t wait to go to the rehearsals. Even when I was sick, I wanted to improve my role, interact with my co-actors and get inspired from our brilliant director, Mr. Yannis Degaitis. I never guessed that I would get the chance to play Romeo, the biggest role, in the same play I had the smallest role in 10 years before. This time in: “Romeo & Juliet”- Improv Parody Version, I was able to express myself almost completely naked to more than 200 people!

I never thought that acting would transform me so much as a person: From very introverted, I became open, social and extroverted, with more self-confidence & creativity.

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Dreams Do Come True

When I moved to the Netherlands, I dreamed of creating a Theater group, like the groups I joined in Greece. A multicultural theater community where everyone is welcome. My vision is to help people use theater as at tool for personal development in a fun way, express themselves, be more creative and improvise more. Through acting, you can become more confident and active in your everyday life. Also, theater will help you overcome the fears of public speaking, interact and communicate better. Basically, you become a better person! Yes, that’s the magic of Acting. That’s what I’ve learned and now I want to pass it on! Here you can see an interview I gave to my friend from Mikadventures.

The Shy Actor on stage

I keep devoting my life to Theater. Follow me on this exciting journey!

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