Team Building Business Workshops

English speaking workshops in Amsterdam!

 Express Yourself | Learn to Interact with Others | Have Fun

Strengthening team building while having fun!

As life imitates art, creative work can inspire and initiate a lot of real life events. Thus, acting is a perfect way to improve your team’s creativity while having fun. So, for team building, we also offer Business Workshops for teams of 5 to 15 people. You can choose between 2-4 hours.

With this workshop, your team members can participate in fun improvisational games and activities that can help them boost their communication skills! We can tailor the class according to your needs & experience of the participantsWe already have experience organising fun improvisation workshops to companies like Akzonobel & Salesforce.

Our teachers are very experienced with Improv & Acting, thus they can adapt to your needs & boost your team’s skills in a fun & creative way!

Key takeaways from our Team Building Workshops

  • Self expression: Communication lies beyond words. So, your team will be involved in games that would help them improve not only their verbal but also their non-verbal communication.
  • Empathy: The activities practiced in each workshop require that each one can cooperate with their partner and can understand their emotions and reactions. These are games that can help your team learn how to understand and  communicate with each other in order to reach a goal.
  • Engagement: The specific workshops can help your team members become more spontaneous in order to engage more effectively with the rest of the group. This can help them boost their confidence and presentation skills.

Are you convinced?

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