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Fun Team Building

Activities for Your Business

 Self-expression | Interaction | Creativity | Engagement

  • Actors practicing a play on stage. Five people form a semi-circle around a couple (man and woman) who look each other in the eye and are ready to dance waltz
  • Actors practicing play on stage. A group of people are posing for a picture
  • Actors practicing. A group of people wearing black, except for one man with glasses wearing a white shirt, have their arms lifted in a 90 degree angle with their wrist also in a 90 degree angle. Background: Grey brick wall

How to build better teams while having fun!

Act Attack offers tailor-made team building activities in English for business.  We want to help your team grow stronger while having fun. Our experienced  teachers will lead your colleagues through a journey of self-discovery, creativity and personal bonding. Thanks to improv and acting techniques, they will learn how to better express themselves, understand group dynamics, let their sense of humour shine and think outside of the box. 

 Tailored for you

We tailor your team building activities according to the specific needs of your team. For example, the focus can vary from creativity, to public speaking and/or listening, according to your objectives. As well, the format and the timetable are fully customizable, and we can adjust to your company size. However,  we advise to have, at least, 4  or more workshops of 2 hours, so that you can achieve the best results. Prices depend on the number of workshops, participants and teachers required and do not include the cost of the location, as these vary greatly depending on your specific needs.

We have already gained experience by organizing fun team building activities for companies like BCG, Akzonobel, Salesforce, and IamExpat. Whether your team needs to work on communication, creative problem solving or just needs to get together and do something fun, contact us!

Key takeaways  from  our team building activities

  • Self expression and public speaking: Communication lies beyond words. Your team members will be involved in playful exercises that help them improve both their verbal but also their non-verbal communication as well as their listening skills. They will learn how to loosen up and present themselves with confidence and calm in front of an audience.
  • Empathy: Our team building  activities comprise fun games that will help your team members better understand each other’s ideas, reactions and emotional investment. Let everyone be heard and understood and reach goals in a cohesive manner.
  • Creativity: We help your team focus on the generation of collaborative ideas, thinking out of the box and reaching goals.  Have fun, express and play freely while connecting with others.
  • Engagement: The specific workshops can help your team members become more spontaneous in order to engage more effectively with the rest of the group. This can help them boost their confidence and presentation skills.
five people standing in a circle reaching their right arms in the middle so that their hands touch. They smile. View from above.
five people sitting on yellow chairs with their backs against a white wall. One man speaks and the others look at him

Are you convinced?

Great! Contact us and we will help you shape the best fun team building activities for your team.