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Elyse O’Shaughnessey

Elyse has two great passions in life, one is her love of theatre and the other is teaching.  She has been a teacher for the past 15 years in NYC and the Netherlands. During her time in NYC Elyse graduated from AMDA, a prestigious program concentrating solely in singing, acting, and dancing. In addition to her studies, Elyse has been involved in many productions as an actress, director, producer, and casting director. Currently, Elyse is  the Artistic Director of Orange Theatre Company, the English language theatre company of Amsterdam. 

From an early age Elyse has been surrounded by theatre, she found that the skills learned in theatre classes extended far beyond the stage. That theatre can be a way to become more aware of your oan emotions,  to grow your confidence, and create friendships that last a lifetime.

Elyse has been teaching Acting courses with Act Attack Theater, since 2023.