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Meet our teachers!

Our coaches are the center of our community. Our team of teachers is growing and they are all amazing professionals

Grazyna Frackiewicz

Grazyna is a trained facilitator and teacher from Poland, with 10+ years of training experience, and 400+ workshops given internationally. She runs Improv and Theater workshops helping people express their creative potential and find their true passion, while developing their self-expression, emotional awareness and empathy. She is also an experienced actor, comedy performer and drama workshop facilitator. She has been instructing Acting & Improv courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2019. Watch her introduction video HERE.

Veronica Rocha

Veronica is a Dutch/Brazilian ballet dancer, actress, storyteller and acting teacher with more than 10 years of experience on stage and in the classroom. As part of many different professional theater companies she could experience different styles and languages such as drama, comedy, stand-up, musical, theater for kids and postmodern theater plays. She believes that peoples experience with drama should be a fun, relaxed and enjoyable activity. Her goal is make learning to act a magical and memorable time, encouraging all students to be themselves and shine! She has been teaching Acting courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2021.

Joanna Lucas

Joanna is an actress & teacher from the UK. Since graduating from Drama Studio London in 2013, she has performed all over the UK, in the Netherlands and in Italy, with companies including the BBC, Paramount Pictures, in London’s West End and at the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre in Rome. As a teacher, she has facilitated theatre workshops for hundreds of students all over the UK and the Netherlands and set up a Youth Theatre in partnership with Orange Theatre Company in Amsterdam. She has been teaching Acting courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2020.
Aside from acting and improv, she regularly performs stand-up.

Isaac Simon

Isaac is an improv comedy performer and educator from US. He has been performing and teaching in the US and Europe for over a decade, and is the co-founder of Tag Out Theater. His teaching combines spontaneity and empathy to empower people, whether they want to spend a lifetime onstage or use improv in their everyday life. Isaac has been teaching Improv courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2018. Watch his introduction video HERE

Joana Vinogradoff

Joana Vinogradoff is a French/Brazilian actress. She grew up in the U.S, South America and France and speaks 4 languages fluently (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese). Her interest in acting started in high school, where she started writing, directing and performing in her own films. Joana uses improv as a tool to improve her acting, and finds it a very powerful tool to free your mind, to focus on your impulses, and hone into your fantastic natural instincts. Her teaching style is care-free, exploring your wild side by letting loose through vulnerability.
Aside from acting and improv, she regularly performs stand-up. She has been teaching Improv courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2021.

Leila Gray

Leila is a performer, voice-over artist, writer and teacher. She trained in the UK and Russia. She has taught acting in Berlin at Cours Florent and regularly teaches workshops in Berlin to people curious about the craft of acting. Leila is interested in how to create change through story-telling. She uses a mixture of improvisation games, story-telling techniques, Meisner technique and text work in her teaching. She loves to laugh and to empower people to find their own creativity again, especially when life has forced it to go into hiding in a corner of the soul. Leila is a member of Amsterdam’s English-language Orange Theatre Company. She also wrote a sit-com a while ago. And she’s planning to pitch it just as soon as she can. If you happen to see a sit-com in search of its author, you may want to contact Leila. She has been teaching Acting classes with Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2022.

Alex Baggett

Alex Baggett is a professional actor from Denver, Colorado. He trained in Chicago at Roosevelt University’s Theatre Conservatory as well as the Vagabond Acting School, and the Actor’s Studio of Chicago. In 2018 Alex moved to the Netherlands. In four years Alex has made a name for himself both on stage and in front of the camera starring in six stage productions and more than a dozen short films and commercials. Alex’s teaching career began in 2010 when he began interning at the Denver Center Theatre Academy. Today, Alex has given theatre workshops to nearly 800 students throughout the Netherlands. Alex is thrilled to partner with Act Attack to provide fun, engaging, and challenging training to adults living in The Hague. He has been teaching Acting courses in Act Attack, since 2022.

Durten Thielk

Dürten is a professional actress from Germany. She studied acting, singing and dance in Hamburg. She gained her first experience in improv while playing in the junior group of the Gorillas Berlin. In 2019 she founded her own impro group PERIOD.impro. Dürten plays in various ensembles, stands on various stages, develops her own performances and currently has 2 solo pieces with which she is on the road. Dürten’s approach is – head off body on – which is very recognizable in all her areas. Especially in improvising…. She has been teaching acting courses in Act Attack Berlin, since 2022.

Ines Dominguez del Corral

Inés is an actress, singer, dancer and theater maker. She holds a Master’s Degree in voice and acting, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theater. Inés has over 13 years of International experience in the performing arts ranging from musical theater, classical theater, devised theater work, collaborative theater, puppetry, physical theater, theater for the deaf and childrens theater. She is fluent in English, Spanish and German and has trained and performed in the US (Washington DC, New York City), Germany, Austria, Colombia and The Netherlands. She is known for having originated the leading role of Tita in the US premiere of ‘Like Water for Chocolate’, in Washington DC. Inés is also a teacher for the performing arts for adults and children and loves to share in the absolute joy of acting with her students!  She has been teaching Acting courses with Act Attack in The Netherlands, since 2023.

Elizabeth Mucklow

Elizabeth Mucklow is a psychologist with a big love for human movement and creativity. With her endless high energy and positive attitude she enjoys teaching people how to dance and express themselves. Having actors in her family, performance art has always played a big role in her life. After completing her university degree in social psychology and having 10 years of experience with coaching people in dance, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She is on a mission to empower people to be who they want to be and to live actively ever after 😉 She has been teaching dance classes in Act Attack Amsterdam since 2022. To learn more about Elizabeth click here.

Michelle van Dyk

Michelle is an acting teacher from South Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Arts (2016), specializing in physical theater, voice production and acting techniques. She founded her own traveling Children’s Theater company in South Africa (2012), and managed a professional Actor’s group for actors to continually explore their craft (2012). She has lectured Dramatic Arts and performance at a South African University (2019) as well as various schools for the past ten years. She has been teaching Acting courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2020. Watch her introduction video here.

Dominika Zawada

Dominika is a musical actress and teacher from Poland. She is active within the educational field by teaching vocal technique and coaching young people in music, performance and presentation. In addition, she is involved in many musical, film and theater productions where she acts as well as directs. While studying jazz singing at The Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, she fell in love with musical theater and started combining and experimenting with these two musical styles. She is part of The Royal Sisters vocal group which performs self written arrangements, mixing world music and jazz standards. She has been teaching Musical courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2019. Watch her introduction video HERE.

Ilaria Forciniti

Ilaria is a theater director and founder of Nim Theater, actor and jazz singer from Italy. She has a Master’s degree in Theater Sciences (UvA Amsterdam) and a Bachelor’s degree in Theater History (La Sapienza, Rome). As an actor, she performed in different venues like Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis and abroad. Ilaria’s main interest is based on the principles of the contemporary theater. A rigorous work on the body and voice are the essence of her research. She has been teaching Physical Acting courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, since 2019. Watch her introduction video HERE.

Joana Ponder

Joana is a Dutch/Brazilian coach, speaker, writer, and trainer for companies who are ready to foster empowered teams and individuals so that they can grow their business with confident, effective leaders. She is also a very inspiring and motivating women’s empowerment coach, workshop facilitator, improv teacher and improviser. She is passionate about helping people to reconnect to their inner power so that they feel confident to choose and create a life they love. She was one of our first teachers and taught Improvisation courses in Act Attack Amsterdam, from 2018 until 2019. Thank you Joana!

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