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Our Berlin-based theater, acting & improv courses are back! Make sure to book your spot on time!! Choose your favorite theater course in Berlin:

Theater Courses for Beginners

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ABCs of Acting in English: Act And Fun! with Durten & Caroline // Tuesdays (from September)

”You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams

During this Acting and Improv combo course for all levels, we will introduce you to the basics, but more importantly the FUN part of acting! This course includes how to warm up your body, voice and creativity; theatre games and improv exercises; ensemble collaboration and gro up work; scene study and partner work; and character studies. You will learn key actor terminology such as “blocking”, “upstage/downstage”, “stage directions”, “wings”, and much more! In this class you will improve your public speaking skills, gain confidence, take risks in a safe space (judgement-free zone), express yourself, improve your acting skills, and most importantly have a lot of fun!


✔️Full course (8 classes): 295 EUR
✔️Trial class*: 35 EUR

Who can join: Beginners acting & improv courses are perfectly suitable for people with zero acting & improv experience. Everyone who has passion or curiosity for theater is more than welcome! Also, they are recommended for anyone who had acting or improv courses long time ago and want to refresh their skills & creativity. After the course, there’s possibility of continuation to the next level which includes a graduation show!

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Perfect for Beginners & all English speaking levels

Discounts for multiple course bookings & bring-a-friend

Free certificate (upon request) if you completed 2 courses

Spots are limited and reserved fast

What are the benefits of an Act Attack course?

Our courses can help you boost your:


  Expression and creativity

 Public speaking

  Body awareness

  Connection & interaction with others

Communication skills

English speaking skills

  Happiness levels!

Should I Choose Acting or Improv?

What’s the difference between Acting and Improv Theater?
Acting and Improv theater are both forms of performance and have similarities, but they also have some key differences:

Acting is a structured process of interpreting and portraying a character/role in a scripted play or film. Actors are given a script to work with and deliver it as authentically as possible. They are expected to memorise lines and blocking, and to create a believable and consistent portrayal of a character over the course of a performance. This also involves a creative exploration of physicality and character voices.

Acting teaches you how to express & perform a character/role physically in an honest and confident way, in many different situations, and helps you connect deeper with the emotions and thoughts of a character/role.
Improv is a more unstructured process of creating a scene without any script. Participants have to get out of their comfort zones, think on their feet and tap into spontaneity while performing. Improv actors typically work with minimal preparation or planning, and they are expected to create characters, dialogue and action on the spot, often in response to suggestions or prompts from the audience or other performers. There may be a lot of fun, laughter and camraderie in the process.

Improv helps you connect deeper with others in a more authentic & empathetic way; be more creative, think on your feet and tap into your spontaneity and your playful inner-child.

Both Αcting and Ιmprov theater can be useful tools for developing acting skills and building confidence on stage, but they are different techniques that require different approaches and skill sets. Both Acting and Improv can improve your listening and communication skills and level up your ability to actively and openly communicate with the world around you!

What are the discounts Act Attack offers?

Our goal is to always have affordable prices, so that everyone can benefit from theater. However, we also offer several discounts and gifts:
– ”Loyalty discount”: is the discount given to students who booked and completed 2 or more courses (for example at least 1 beginner + 1 intermediate course or at least 2 different beginner courses). The amount of the discount can be between 10 and 25 euros per person depending on the season, the city and the course. Furthermore, if you booked and completed 3 or more classes, apart from the loyalty discount we will soon give you a special gift 🙂
– ”Bring a friend” discount: is the discount given to a student who booked & completed a course, and also recommend us a friend who also booked and completed a course with us. The amount of the discount can be between 10 and 15 euros total depending on the season, the city and the course.
Discounts cannot be combined.

What happens if I miss 1 or 2 classes? Can I get a credit or refund?

We understand that work & personal life is different for everyone and can be challenging to fully commit. Each student must attend at least 70% of each course (either 5/7, either 6/8, either 7/9 classes). Regular attendance will ensure a positive group dymamic as well as providing the student with increased opportunities to partake in pair- and group activities. It is beneficial for a student to commit to attending the majority of the lessons in a course to ensure his/her personal growth. Each succeeding lesson will build on the skills and activities of the previous lesson. If a student is absent or late in more than 2 group classes per course without a valid notice, then unfortunately he/she/they will not be eligible to continue the course, as this can significally affect the balance and the dynamics of the group.
We sell packages of 5-6-7-8 classes only, so you can either pay 1 trial or the full course/package. However, we sometimes do exceptions (only depending on availability) and can give you a discount on the full course if you know in advance that you will miss some classes! 🙂
If you want to
learn more about our course full terms & conditions click here.

What is a graduation certificate?

It is a graduation proof given by Act Attack to the students who joined a complete course (beginners & intermediates) or 2 different courses. It is given upon request and as a PDF document. 

What else is included?

  • -> Focused and fun curricula from our experienced teachers
  • -> Personal feedback from our teachers
  • -> Classes of 12 people max
  • -> Graduation certificates & Invoices (upon request)
  • -> Safe and multicultural environment (students are always our priority!)

Get A Taste Of Our Classes!

TRIAL Acting Class

1 trial class

Incl. VAT.

    • 1 Trial Class of the course you choose (see schedules above)
    • Can be used only on the 1st day of the course you choose
    • If you like the trial, you can pay the full course minus this amount (only if there are spots available)

What is a Trial class

Yes, we also offer a trial class for our online an in-class theater courses – for those who are not sure if they want to commit!

You can come to the fist class of your chosen course and if you like it, you can pay the whole amount afterwards, minus the amount of the trial class.

Don’t worry, we will counterbalance the payments!

Please note that booking a trial class reserves you a spot just for one class, but does not guarantee you a spot for the whole course, as this depends on the availability – our theater courses are almost always sold out.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions!


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Cancellations/refunds are not possible but amendments are possible depending on availability. Terms & Conditions apply.

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