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                Acting Tuesdays: The Magic of Harry Potter

Course Sold Out
Started On: 05/3/2019
Performance Scheduled On: 29/06/2019

Acting Tuesdays

Director/Teacher: Joana Ponder

On this acting course for beginners, we will purely work on our improvisation skills working towards being able to improvise a fully improvised show based on the Harry Potter genre. Therefore, get ready to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, in a fun & interactive way! Come to Magic School!

                Acting Mondays: The Magic of Shakespeare (Improvised)

Course Sold Out
Started On: 18/02/2019
Performance Scheduled On: 28/06/2019

Acting Mondays

Director/Teacher: Kaylee Spivey Good

On this acting course for beginners, we combine acting training with improv games and culmulate in a performance of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged.” In conclusion, the final performance will be a modernized comedy that sums up Shakespeare’s storylines in an exciting slapstick theatrical experience!

Eugène Ionesco – The Chairs

Performance On: 24/02/2019
Course Sold Out
Started On: 18/09/2018

  • Acting Class Beginners

Directed by Joana Nicolaas Ponder

Course description: This is theater of the absurd and here we are really going to play around with that. Blending Ionesco with improvisation we’ll create a show that’s going to explore the absurdity. In this class we not only focus on growing our acting skills but also spend time working on our improv skills.

Performance: You are cordially invited to the Old Man and Old Woman’s house to hear the revelation of the Old Man’s great discovery. Eugene Ionesco’s The Chairs is an absurdist tragic farce and we, the actors, have worked on blending absurdism with improvisation. Be prepared to go on an absurd theatrical experiment with us, and perhaps you’ll hear what the meaning of life is.

Thornton Wilder – The Skin of Our Teeth

Performance On: 10/03/2019
Course Sold Out
Started On: 02/10/2018

  • Acting Class Beginners

Directed by Joana Nicolaas Ponder

Course descriptionThis is Theater in it’s more traditional sense. We are casted into roles and we learn lines all while honing our acting skills and stage presence. Depending on group size we might play multiple roles throughout the final show.

Performance: You are invited to follow the story of the Antrobus family as they live through an ice age, a great flood and a devastating war. Join us in this wobbly mammoth of a play by Thornton Wilder that tackles the history of mankind, catastrophe and love!

Keeping Up With The Greeks – Improv Theatre Performance

Performance On: 27/05/2018
Course Sold Out
Started On: 01/2018

Directed by Joana Nicolaas Ponder

PlotClassical Greek tragedy and comedy in English, like you’ve never seen it before! We’ve taken parts of pieces and juxtaposed them together so that you can view rich Greek theater history in a whole new jacket. 

In the first half, you’ll see monologues from some of your favorite Greek characters including Medea, Oedipus and Antigone. In the second half the players will improvise in situations that Joana has created for their Greek characters. Now you may finally get the answer to “If Medea and Clytemnestra were to meet what would they talk about?”

Performance: https://www.facebook.com/events/2061205740810788/
Course: https://www.facebook.com/events/406330059802800/

The Spectacular Spectacle of the Marvellous Dancing Skeleton

Performance On: 26/11/2017
Course Sold Out
Started On: 09/2017

By Carolina Quintana & Act Attack Members

PlotThe dance of life; powerful, elegant…not quite sane. Emotions clash, opinions cause wars. Just as we all have opinions, we all have…a skeleton. What if one skeleton had the power? 

The marvelous dancing skeleton may sound peculiar and extraordinary, and people may not realize the connection that it has to each of our lives. In fact, the dancing skeleton represents all of us, and more than that, it represents the difficulties we all encounter in our everyday lives. In the play, you will see many different characters fighting for the dancing skeleton with all of them having different reasons to win. The spectacle of the dancing skeleton is a short representation of the ordinary life, through humour, fun and intensity! Curious to know how ordinary life looks like, in one hour? Then don’t miss out on the Spectacular Spectacle of the Marvellous Dancing Skeleton!

View the whole performance here

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