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September – November 2019

English speaking Acting, Improv, Physical, Voice, Singing & Dance Theatre courses in Amsterdam

 For everyone who loves theatre & for team building business classes

—– More Info About the Courses —–

IMPROV & PHYSICAL Courses – the Magic of Physical theatre & Improvisation


Teachers: Grazyna Frackiewicz, Isaac Simon

Feel the freedom of Improvisation!

Why IMPROV & PHYSICAL course? In these courses for beginners & intermediates, we will help you getting connected to your body and be more present, building tools for self-awareness and spontaneous expression. A perfect combination of Improvisation & physical theatre, with a dash of acting!           ** FULL – WAITING LIST **

Why PURE IMPROV course? In these courses for beginners & intermediates, we will purely work on improv games & the basic techniques of improvisation. Only improv, fun & creativity, with a dash of acting. Increase your happiness levels, think outside the box, develop your listening skills & boost your imagination. Be the most creative & free part of yourself! ** ONLY FEW SPOTS LEFT **


ACTING Courses – The Magic of Acting & Improv in the Mix


Teacher: Grazyna Frackiewicz, Kaylee Spivey Good

Combine Acting with a dash of impov!

Why ACTING & IMPROV course? In these courses for beginners & intermediates, you will have a chance to learn the fundamental skills and tools of acting, and be introduced to the magical world of theatre. Learn how the ‘Art of Being a Human’ can improve your imagination, concentration, bodily and emotional awareness, and teach you how to be truthful and authentic under imaginary circumstances of a scene! ** FULL – WAITING LIST  **

Why PURE ACTING course? In these courses for beginners & intermediate level, we will combine improvisation games along with continued work on acting scenes and ensemble development. Actors will get a chance to develop monologues and work on short scenes both comedic and dramatic. In between we will play fun improvisation games that will bring the group together in fun and inspiring ways. Develop your expression & public speaking skills in a creative way! ** FULL – WAITING LIST **

With us, you can be an acting hero! 

Voice & Musical Theatre Courses – The Magic of Your Voice

Improve your Voice in Theatre & your Singing skills!

Teachers: Nina Virant, Dominika Zawada

Why VOICE & THEATRE course? Through the exploration of the human voice, we are going to build the awareness and deep listening of that voice deep within us – your own greatest human instrument – your primal voice!
By creating a space of acceptance firstly towards your own voice within, and secondly towards the other voices and sounds happening around you in that space, our goal will be to feel creative, moved and touched by visual and audio creations.  

Why SINGING & MUSICAL course? This course is for anyone who wishes to combine their acting and singing skills. You’ll learn how to work and create an ensamble piece and execute the knowledge while working on a group song. We’ll touch upon expressing feelings through sound and body while playing musical games and working with a text under music. Lots of fun, music, acting and expressing!

—- Level 1 —-

You try theatre for the 1st time or you have a little bit of experience? Then this level is for you!

Pure Improv Mondays + Show (New)


 Incl. VAT.

    • 10 Pure Improv Theatre Classes (20 hours total) + 1 Performance, teacher Isaac Simon
    • Every Monday 19:00 – 21:00 at Cliffordstudios
    • First class 23 September – Last class 18 November 2019 (performance on 23 November)
    • Suitable for Beginners & Intermediates
    • Certificate Included (if you joined Level 1 & 2)
    •   Class of max 15 people
    •     Limited spots available

Voice & Theatre (New)

Fall 2019

 Incl. VAT.

  • 7 Voice & Theatre Classes, 11 hours total, by teacher Nina Virant
  • Every Friday 19:00 – 20:30 at Mirror Center
  • First class on 11 October – Last class on 29 November 2019
  • Suitable for Beginners
  •   Class of max. 16 people
  •   Limited spots available

Singing & Musical (New)

Fall 2019

 Incl. VAT.

  • 8 Singing & Musical Classes, 12 hours total, by teacher Dominika Zawada
  • Every Saturday 17:00 – 18:30 at Greek Community Amterdam
  • First class on 26 October – Last class on 14 December 2019
  • Suitable for Beginners
  •   Class of max. 16 people
  •   Limited spots available

Waiting List for New Acting, Improv & Physical Courses

Fall 2019

 Incl. VAT.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t worry! Click “JOIN” to one of the existing courses, fill the form and we will put you in the waiting list for other upcoming courses!


  • -> Focused and fun curricula from our professional + native English directors/teachers
  • -> Comfortable studios for the rehearsals
  • -> Rehearsal & Performance material (videos + photos)
  • -> Learning materials (we provide the scripts in PDF)


  • -> Costumes & props (not much needed – we keep it minimal & mainly use our own)
  • -> Course certificate (but of course you can put the course in your CV)
  • -> Negative thoughts (we will take them away from you!)

This Is How We Do It - The Improv Way



TRIAL class

1 trial class

Incl. VAT.

    • 1 Trial Class
    •   Can be used the 1st day of the course you choose
    • After the trial, you can pay the full course minus this amount 
    •   Free, if you book the whole course in advance


Yes, we also offer a trial class – for those who are not sure if they want to commit!

Therefore, you can come to the 1st class of the chosen course and if you like it, you can pay the whole amount afterwards, minus the amount of the trial class.

Don’t worry, we will counterbalance the payments!

Please note, that booking a trial class, reserves you a spot for 1 class, but does not guarantee you a spot for the whole course, as this depends on the availability – our courses are almost always sold out.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions!

Why Act Attack?
Because we will help you boost your:

Theatre acting skills

  Expression and improvisation skills (we love improv comedy)

 Public speaking

  Body confidence

  Connection & interaction with others

Communication skills

English speaking skills

  Happiness levels!



To secure your spot, you just click “JOIN“, fill the form and you will receive all the payment details via WhatsApp as soon as possible. Don’t forget to put the correct mobile number, including the country code (eg +31, +32, +33 etc) & the course day you prefer! We accept payments via Ideal, Paypal or bank transfer.

Discounts 10% for early birds & BYF (Bring Your Friend). Cancellations/refunds are not possible (there are exceptions).

Feel free to contact us for any further questions!

What do people say about Act Attack?

  • “Joining Act Attack was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed the classes and met great people along the way!”
  • “Loved to be a part of Act Attack! Learned a lot about theatre and acting itself. Teacher (Joana) was great as she guided us through the process of acting as a way of communicating with the audience. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn and develop performing skills.”
  • “The idea of Act attack in combination with a talented young director Joana is exactly what Amsterdam has been missing - long term acting and impro workshops for affordable price where you have enough time to immerse yourself in the magic world of acting and open a new horizon of what you can actually create, feel, act.”
  • “Act Attack is a young theatre, that is available for everyone. If you have never had such experience or you have been always dreaming to try a new role, Act Attack is a good and quick start. Joana is a great director, who devotes her energy to help people to open themselves. I find this place valuable for me because of socialisation with like-minded people and skills that I learn there. Success!”

Please fill the form below and select the type of the course you prefer to attend. After that, we will get back to you as soon as possible via WhatsApp, with all the details about the course and the payment. We accept payments via Ideal, Paypal or Bank transfer.

Thank you!